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Business Solutions

CBS Your Application Server Provider (ASP)

How does CBS keep e-business in business? By offering our experience as an Application Server Provider (ASP)

CBS delivers managed Web and Business application hosting solutions designed exclusively for businesses that rely on the Internet.


Recently, we have placed more focus on the hosted applications segment of the ASP space to reach a new set of customers, the small-to-medium businesses (SMBs).

Letís begin with an explanation of what an Application Server Provider (ASP) is. Would you define that term for us?


Today, the term ASP is probably overused, but it is primarily used to refer to a service provider that hosts applications for their customers at the ASP's data center and provides access to those applications via a network. The hosting services can range from an outsourcing model to that of a shared environment with hosted applications. In an outsourcing model, the ASP dedicates hardware and resources to each individual customer. In a shared common environment, the ASP hosts applications for many customers, each in their own secure, private environment. A shared environment reduces the total cost of ownership for the ASP and helps the ASP offer profitable services.

CBS delivers managed Web and Business application hosting solutions designed exclusively for businesses that rely on the Internet.


In the hosted application model, the ASP selects a set of solutions that they offer to potential customers. This model is about applications, or solutions, which the potential customers need; it is not about the infrastructure. The hosted applications business is geared to allow the small office, even the home office, to get a hosted application up and running quickly, instead of being forced to support the application in-house. The ASP service model is helping customers by reducing their costs, eliminating the need to hire the IT staff, and enabling them to quickly deploy applications that would have taken months to deploy in-house.

The challenges associated with managing today's high-powered business solutions require skill-based services on top of a robust infrastructure. CBS has invested in the most secure and redundant data center facilities, in redundant network architecture and in the most experienced and dedicated staff.


Delivering the Value of Software as a Service

Today, organizations both large and small are bypassing complex IT issues by either partnering with an Application Service Provider (ASP) or acquiring software directly from vendors via the web. They're finding that the software as a service approach is easier, more cost-effective and allows them to focus on their core business.

When it comes to your business, you want a partner who is a proven leader. A partner who understands your online initiatives. A partner who knows the applications and appreciates there impact on your business.

A partner like CBS ó dedicated to keeping your e-business in business.