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Hosted Solutions

Hosted and Managed Software Solutions


Wireless email system integration –
Exchange, Notes, SMTP

  1. RIM
  2. BlackBerry
  3. Palm

Integrated Faxing Solutions

  1. Faxing from the Desktop
  2. Email Integration - Exchange, Notes
  3. Data Source Faxing – MQSeries, XML, JAVA, Electronic File
  4. Faxing Documents on Demand Systems
  5. Web Access to Fax’s
  6. Fax Blasting Systems

Secured Multi Company
Shared environments


  1. Short or Long Term Hosted  Collaborative environments Based on:
    1. IBM Quick Place DEMO
    2. IBM Same Time  DEMO
    3. Microsoft Share Point
    4. Lotus Team Room DEMO
  2. Work Flow applications to integrate Inter Company Projects

Supported Microsoft Software solutions

Custom Designed Hosted Software Solutions




Email List Builder


Catalog request Module


Membership Site Software


Secure Document server Demo on request


Dating Service Software Demo on request


Turnkey ISP software Demo on Request