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Internet Access

Internet Access Packages With National Service, under $19.00

CBS USA is your source for Mobile, reliable Internet service and good old-fashioned consumer satisfaction. Web Connect fits your needs. Whether you decide on the Single Member or Family Five package -- or want to build your own, you can count on CBS USA Inc..

Compare & Save

        With CBS  you get over 220 local Access Numbers around the United States.

So as you travel you can access your account with a local phone call.

        We also have service in Canada.

        You will be accessing a $150,000,000 Network.

        As use at a local Dial-up increases we upgrade our equipment,

To guarantee you can get online when you want.

        We have a fully trained Technical staff to help you get online,
Whether you surf on a PC or MAC.

        We bill Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express
& Quarterly Billing by Check

We have local phone numbers in many, many communities. However, due to the various telephone companies that service our region you must be sure that the number you use is a local call from your telephone.

CBS USA Inc. or any of our companies are NOT responsible for any regional, toll or long distance charges associated with using our access


Can Your Local Service Provider Offer You This Level of Service?